Friday, November 05, 2004

Kevin Drum Is A Capitulationist Appeaser!

Here he goes explaining to us how RedStateAmerica™ needs to be coddled into thinking we liberals aren't so bad once you get to know us. We can be really quite friendly and sensible, if you give us a chance.

[...] And the best part is that it doesn't infringe on our core values at all. We don't all have to start quoting scripture, we just have to dial down the mockery a notch. Why give the Republicans bulletin board material, after all? [...]

"Oh please, Mr. RedState Honkey-Trek Torture-and-Atrocity-Apologist, PLEASE don't resent it when we here at MojoWire call you out for harboring, approving and probably engaging in the wretched, feculent rough-trade of pseudo-fascism. And we must absolutely dial back on the mockery setting, now mustn't we? Unilateral disarmament is such a winning strategy when the conflict is a political one."

Fsck you, Kevin— fsck you twice, and you're welcome to do it both times with the LandDominator™ you drive.

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