Monday, November 08, 2004

Want to know a key distinction between Blue and Red States? From Daniel Gross at Slate:

In decades past, increasing Republican dominance of the House and Senate would have meant more fiscal discipline. But Republicans increasingly dominate the states that are net drains on Federal taxes—the Southern and Great Plains states—while fading in the coastal states that produce a disproportionate share of federal revenue. (It's Republicans, not Democrats, who are sucking on the federal teat.) What Amity Shlaes quaintly identified in today's Financial Times as the "southern culture of tax cutting" has been married to the southern culture of failing to generate wealth and the southern culture of depending on federal largesse. The offspring is an unsightly deficit monster..
"Southern Culture of failing to generate wealth" can be translated as "Fiscal Morons fail to invest enough capital in Public Infrastructure to attract investment or educate enough of the locals to innovate". Mississipi is a classic example. Behind in almost every economic indicator? The worst schools in the nation? Don't raise taxes to invest. Just erode the public infrastructure by deferrment and keep the schools at the bottom. Now they've exported that can do spirit to Washington! Boo YA!

Think about this Red State. The President and his anti-abortion whack jobs have for all practical purposes ended Federal investment in stem cells. Normally, a promising technology in a growth sector like BioTech would end up largely in the districts of the majority, in this case, Red States. But since Uncle Sam has gone hillbilly, States have to put up the capital themselves. A Blue state like CA, or New Jersey, can do that. So when CA drops 3 billion on Stem Cell Research, that means it will have no competition with Federal Gov supported research in Austin, or N.C. ,or Atlanta. Ca will be able to brain drain the rest of the country of all the best and the brightest and if the gamble pays off, startups and venture capital follow. High paying jobs in the nations most promising growth sector. I hope that moraly purel low tax fiscal plan of the GOP pays off suckers. NOT! Thanks for the virtual Monopoly on a new technology.

Jeebus! Are you people even walking upright? If you don't invest, you don't stay productive against your competitors and you sink like a rock to the bottom of a very slimy pond. Racing to the bottom to try to compete with low wage labor in the Pacific Rim only means you will hit the bottom harder, chimps. You break the poverty cycle by improving productivity, Remember? Did that skip that in Bible Study at Oliver Cranks reformed church of the sexually repressive Armageddon Church? Yeah..thought so...

Red state pukes...
Insert the vengeful, apocalyptic wrath of the space-God Jehovah-1 here.

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