Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Look Upon Their Works, Ye Mighty, And Despair

What Ellen Dana Nagler writes at

My take is that this should serve as yet another reminder that the "so-called liberal media" in America is fundamentally broken and cannot be trusted with the important function of serving public interests. I've had a long-running friendly argument with Mojo about this topic. He seems to think the press corps is generally innocent of any intent to do harm— rather, they are victims of predatory owners and publishers. I have been much more harsh on journalists as a class than he has been willing to be.

I can't imagine how CNN could have done what M. Nagler writes about if Mojo's views were correct— unless every last journalist still employed at CNN Center in Atlanta were now on strike or locked out of their jobs.

Moreover, I declare unequivocally: when Jay Rosen complains about conservatarians de-certifying the press, he's talking about an inside job.

(Update: fixed grammar to clarify what Jay Rosen is talking about.)

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