Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Yeah...what he said...

I was writing this in comments, but it ran a bit long..

Your first warning that this story washorse manure is the inclusion of Kiddie Porn. Nothing like scaring the bejeezua out of Parents that some freak is connecting them via their WiFi to the worst sorts of criminal activity. And don't forget they dropped the threat of Terrorism. Very little column space is given over in the Times Story to the vulnerability of supposedly secure networks that contain vital financial information.

Isn't this analogous to blaming the phone company for a crimes committed via their network, like stalking or threatening calls? You can use a freaking payphone to committ a variety of felonies. Is Federal law enforcement going to haul
SBC executives in for questioning on why their network is so easy for criminals to pervert to their use? We accept that the criminals use phones as part of the cost of using it. Somehow we survived...

Why is the reporter only talking to law enforcement? Some experts, whoever the fuck they are, are cited, but why not an academic or engineer with a technical expertise in the field? I think most would take a call from the Times.

You know, there are plenty of technology issues that people should be worried about, I really doubt this rates very high...

Insert quotation here.

Insert the vengeful, apocalyptic wrath of the space-God Jehovah-1 here.

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