Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Jesus' General does it again


Gen. J.C. Christian has undone me again. I sit here laughing my ass off in front of the various Sararimen. Thanks a lot General.

Everyone, run -- do not walk -- run to Jesus' General right now and read his latest offering on the Culture of Life Celebration he is planning for the Administration.

Tell you what, here's the money shot

Rep. Tom Delay* will award a Choose Life T-Shirt to the first 100 people who bring him a judge's ear to add to his necklace. Sen. Cornyn will greet each returning contestant with a hug and the words, "The bastard deserved it." Pokey the Box Turtle will ensure that Sen. Cornwyn doesn't lose interest and wander off.

*Rep. DeLay might have a scheduling conflict. He may be feverishly conducting an abstinence education class for the boys of the Aryan Brotherhood in Cellblock B. If that's the case, we'll get Randall Terry to award the shirts.

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