Friday, April 01, 2005

More Red-state Blue-state Two-step pR0-n

I can't resist linking to this Zoo York Times article about political affiliations discovered through automobile market research.
Last year, the Republican National Committee applied data supplied by Scarborough Research, a New York market research firm, to a range of leisure-time and consumer activities to find where it could reach potential voters with advertising. Part of Scarborough's effort was to survey 200,000 car owners about their political affiliations.

Of course, I'm fascinated by this crap. I can't help it. (Hey, at least I have the sense to keep my day job in engineering.)

Lots and lots of market research numbers to fuel your red-state/blue-state divide fantasies. Or demolish them. Or whatever. My take: this stuff is just like pR0-n. And, for the record, my general outlook on pR0-n is simple: the world does not need more pR0-n, but it sure needs higher quality pR0-n.

Okay, I'll shut up about pR0-n.

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