Tuesday, April 12, 2005

This is very much freaking me out. Brother Wolcott articulated the sense of real dread I've been getting by reading the financial media for the past few weeks. Another little piece of the "dreads" is an observation made by Bruce Bartlett (via Delong) and others that the Treasury Department is suffering from a vast brain drain of talent, due to in large part the evisceration of the Department by the West Wing in their facist determination to filter all policy decisions through the Dominionist policy-O-Matic. Economic policy is made to maximize the political benefit for GOP without regard to the policy experts at Treasury. Yes, I know this isn't exactly "news", but it looks on it's face like the market indicators are escalating to Code Alert Megalon, and the lack of a first rate policy team at Treasury will make any financial crisis exponentially worse.

That is going to come in really handy if there is a rapid dollar devaluation or some other rapidly escalating fiscal situation. Nothing will instill confidence in the markets more than knowing that Karl Rove is making sure James Dobson is happy before he issues a policy decision to Treasury.

Wait, I forgot. Heterosexual marriage is being threatened by the Imperial Battle Fleets of the Radical Homesexual Lobby. Whew! For a moment there I lost faith in the eternal benevolence of the free market. I know the market will never, ever, EVER, hurt me. It's only the carriers of the "gay" that can threaten my family, not an impending financial meltdown compounded by the dismantling of an essential leadership team in the Governments most important fiscal policy arm.

Outstanding work Red State...AGAIN!


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