Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Fist of the West Side!: Live Blogging Rummy

Right now, SecDef Rummy is briefing with his pet press corps, talking about how he is happy that "attacks have fallen off to a lower level."

That's fine until he follows with "we would hope that we can sustain that lower level for the future..."

Hey Secretary Shit-For-Brains! What happened to "Total Victory over the insurgents"? Are you now saying that low intensity warfare and a sustained level of anti-American terrorism killing both our troops and innocent Iraqi civilians is the best we can hope for, no matter how many elections the insurgents "fail to stop"?

Thanks, Rummy, thanks a lot...

This morning he seems to be doing a lot of Fist of the West Side, along with some Cobra Palm and Lion's Claw styles... Now bitching about the horrible media what insists on reporting the things that people on the ground in Iraq and in the Pentagon say.

Occasionally one of these tame stenographers will get completely off the hook and compare the things being said here and there... Damn you Monkey... damn you to hell!

But now he's talking about training up the Iraqi army, turning over the failure of their state to them and how long that might all take... And now, for your moment of the Existential Poetry of Donald Rumsfeld:
"And the rate at which we will be able to do that,
will be exactly
the rate at which will be able to do that
and anyone who tries to say differently ...

would be extremely ...

foolissshhhh ..."

No shit, that was his exact cadence and tone...

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