Friday, February 10, 2006

White House Declares Congress Irrelevant...

It looks like some folks inside the beltway have been logging into the Wire this week. Ohio Republican Mike DeWine was reported in the WaPo yesterday as saying something along the lines that it's high time for Congress to reassert a little oversight authority over the White House vis-a-vis the NSA domestic spying scandal.

To wit: "We can end this controversy about the constitutionality of this program very simply, and that is to deal with it by legislation." Well, Mike, the whole, "we'll just pass a law and make it legal..." is not what I had in mind in my previous post; go back and re-read it please...

However, more troubling to me was the response to even this modest proposal from the White House:

Question from cheese-eating, surrender-monkey stenographer: Scott, why did the President change his mind and decide to expand the briefings in Congress about the NSA surveillance program and include more members, rather than just limit it to the handful?

Scotty Goebbels: [...] the President indicated previously that he would resist any efforts that would compromise this vital program. But we want to continue listening to ideas that are out there. The way that I would describe it is that there is a high bar to overcome for such ideas. But we will continue working with members of Congress as we move forward.

Let me translate that: "Go ahead and pass any law you want... Maximum Leader will obviate any law he feels will impede his personal power."

The odd part is that he's not even answering the question that was asked; he just started riffing on the President's perogative to ignore any law he doesn't like, as long has he can sell it as some sort of National Security issue. Basically, they don't want Congress trying to "make things legal." Even that just gets in the way.

They are working to completely cut Congress out of the legislation loop... or as Maximum Leader once said: "If this were a dictatorship, it would be a heck of a lot easier - just so long I'm the dictator." December 18, 2000

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P.S. Here's another weird thing... reading through the gaggle transcript, certain words and phrases appear in bold type. What is that about? They're not links...

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