Wednesday, February 15, 2006

The New Meme -- or -- Would the Congressional Dems Please Sound Off Like They Have a Pair!

This morning watching the House International Relations Commitee, China/Internet hearings and listening to the bloviating of some of my favorite wingnut dingbats, such as Dana Rohrabacher and Dan Burton about the hideous evil of American capital going to help the hated CHICOMs supress political dissent by dropping the dime on some of their Chinese customers to the local authorities.

So... fine, I would like to see a little less cooperation between Yahoo and Google and the PRC.

However, some of the Democratic members made a few salient and, really, pretty moderate points about how the U.S. Congress trying to tell other nations how to conduct their internal affairs might be counter-productive, or the appearance of hypocrisy when the current junta entrenched on Pennsylvania Avenue is working to strong arm those very same companies to cooperate with their internal spying operations.

The response: "Well, I guess since this is an election year, this kind of talk is to be expected from the other side, so I guess we just have to tolerate it..." This is close to the exact quote from Burton. This was echoed a moment later by Tom Tancredo.

This is the new meme. It's an election year, therefore anything any Democrat says that is critical of the administration is disingenuous and and nothing more than electoral posturing.

My question... why didn't Tom Lantos, or Sherrod Brown or Grace Nepolitano or Bob Wexler or Diane Watson come up over the table, twist his fscking dome off his shoulders and gnaw on his skull!? This one is so simple, how is it that the Firey Pimp Hand of the Old Testament does not beat these bitches down?

Why are they laying down for this? More to the point, why are their constituents letting them lie down for this?

Look, I know this is old hat by now; we know the Congress has largely abdicated oversight of the executive, and the Dems are too busy just trying not to rock the boat to be but watching the hearings and seeing it live and direct, so to speak, just gets me pig-biting mad... so I guess its a good thing I have this blog to vent on...

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P.S. Yeah, Tom Tancredo the guy who wants to build a 800-foot wall around the United States and mine the harbors to keep out the undesirables is on the International Relations Committee... doesn't that just tell you everything you need to know about the Republicans' take on foreign affairs.

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