Monday, February 06, 2006

A Simple Solution...

Much is being made throughout the TDM this morning about the Senate Judiciary holding hearings into the NSA Domestic Spy Scandal.

Congress could resolve the issues involved here very easily, if they were truly interested.

On both the White House's intransigence on documents subpoenaed by the committee, and the spying in general; if Congress were serious about their concerns, they would pass a Joint Resolution to wit:

"It is the intent of the Congress of the United States of America that no funding will be used for the President's use of any national assets to conduct surveillance of any American person unless done under the auspices of the Foriegn Intelligence Surveillance Act of 1978."

Or even easier: go back and reauthorize the AUMF with an explicit restriction or prohibition against this activity.

Is Congress doing that? No. And sure the President would ignore that law anyway, but at that point, there would be no legal choice for the Congress but impeachment. The issue would be clear for the Supremes at that point: Does the Article II, Sect. 2 Constitutional authority charging the President to be Commander in Chief allow the President to negate due-process authority as explicitly outlined by acts of Congress.

The answer to that will be "no." There is more than enough ample law on that particular question, from the Civil War up to this present. That is unless the court has finally become the witting accomplices to the President's attempted coup.

So I am glad they are having hearings, and Pat Leahy got into Al Gonzalez with both feet up to the neck this morning. What a choad that guy is, even with Chuck Grassley peeling grapes for him. But at the end of the day, there is not much these hearings are going to produce.

I can only hope the TDM will carry enough of the Gonzalez grilling and ask a few pointed questions of their own, to the point that Mr. and Mrs. Red State will finally get the picture that they voted for their own enslavement, and get the undecideds off the fence and get them excited about going to polls here in November and booting these cheap hustlers and thugs out of the temple.

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