Friday, April 07, 2006

An Obvious Question...

In this morning's gaggle, Scotty went to bat saying that the President's leak of information was simply a release for the good of America, to, you know, get the information out to counter the negative press.

If that's the case, why didn't the President just schedule a prime-time news conference to discuss the declassified information, instead of anonymously leaking it to their shill/agent at the New York Times?

I'm just sayin'...

Amusing side note: Normally the gaggle transcript gets updated at pretty quickly... not today. They are going to have to do some mighty scrubbing to get that thing clean enough to post.

Update 1.0: They got around to posting the gaggle transcript. It's moments like this that probably has Scotty drinking doubles and thinking about ritual suicide:

Rude Press Slug: So what about if it's a political [leak]? And if it's in political -- if there's a political purpose to it, then it's fine?

Scotty: If it's in the public interest, it's another matter. And the National Intelligence Estimate was declassified because it was in the public interest to provide portions of that National Intelligence Estimate to the American people. As I said, there were people that were out there making irresponsible accusations that intelligence was manipulated or that intelligence was misused. There has been no evidence to back that up whatsoever. And if you look at the National Intelligence Estimate, Jim -- you weren't here at the time, but some others in this room were -- it shows the collective judgment of the intelligence community.

Except, Scotty, that as Huckleberry Graham points out that the NIE contained serious doubters from CIA and the Department of Energy about the validity of those WMD stories, and had the evidence in the NIE, just not the parts that were bilged to Miller.

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