Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Talk about an interesting day...

Well... this has been one hell of a day.

First, referencing below posts we learn from the good offices of Digby and others that the military I/T structure is preventing the troops from accessing liberal or progressive websites, while refusing to block LittleGreenShitheads and other cranks.

We also learn that the CIA and NSA could quite possibly soon be transformed into KGB/NVD Praetorian guards under the direct control of Sparky Gonzales, vesting them with unprecedented domestic police powers and nearly no accountability or transparency.

Finally, we learned late this afternoon that Congress voted to take the Internet out behind the woodshed and put a bullet in its head. Better for everyone that way, donchya know...

On the plus side of the ledger... We learned that FoxNews'Tony Snow is going to replace the hapless Scotty McClellan as chief press wrangler. Yeah... call on Helen Thomas. I dare you, I double dog dare you motherfscker!

Karl Rove may have worn out his welcome with W and may in fact get indicted for bilging the name of an undercover CIA operative. If he's indicted, I wonder if the CIA protective service is going to want to "question" him ... or perhaps have some friends in Uzbekistan do it for them...

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Update 1.0 [s9]: Oh let's just round out the day with the story about the pending Intellectual Property Protection Act of 2006, said to make the DMCA seem tame by comparison, which will put the final nail in the coffin of your Right To Read.

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