Friday, October 14, 2005

And The Hits Just Keep Coming...

The National Park Service is now requiring candidates for mid-level management positions and above to be filled only with the approval a political appointee. Here's an excerpt from the press release from an outfit called Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility.
Washington, DC — The National Park Service has started using a political loyalty test for picking all its top civil service positions, according to an agency directive released today by Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (PEER). Under the new order, all mid-level managers and above must also be approved by a Bush administration political appointee.

The October 11, 2005 order issued by NPS Director Fran Mainella requires that the selection criteria for all civil service management slots (Government Service grades or GS-13, 14 and 15) include the “ability to lead employees in achieving the …Secretary’s 4Cs and the President’s Management Agenda.” In addition, candidates must be screened by Park Service headquarters and “the Assistant Secretary [of Interior] for Fish, and Wildlife, and Parks,” the number three political appointee in the agency.

Ah yes— the “ability to lead employees in achieving... the President’s Management Agenda.”

That should give all those tree-hugging, dirt-worshipping hippies some newfound respect for their betters. When we tell you the Intelligent Designer carved the Grand Canyon with His divine chisel, you will better well not argue with us. WE PAY YOUR SALARIES, YOU PATHETIC MEWLING SCRUBS!

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