Thursday, October 20, 2005

I've Got A Premonition

Fitzgerald indicts only a handful of low-level players and names no "un-indicted co-conspirators". Media respond with collective, "Is that all there is?" Everyone goes back to sleep.

It's just a premonition.

Update 1.0: Now, Billmon is suggesting I've been visited by the ghost of White House scandals past, in the form of John Dean, who says:
It is difficult to envision Patrick Fitzgerald prosecuting anyone, particularly Vice President Dick Cheney, who believed they were acting for reasons of national security. While hindsight may find their judgment was wrong, and there is no question their tactics were very heavy-handed and dangerous, I am not certain that they were acting from other than what they believed to be reasons of national security. They were selling a war they felt needed to be undertaken.

In short, I cannot imagine any of them being indicted, unless they were acting for reasons other than national security. Because national security is such a gray area of the law, come next week, I can see this entire investigation coming to a remarkable anti-climax, as Fitzgerald closes down his Washington office and returns to Chicago.

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