Friday, October 28, 2005

One down, many more to go:

Scooter gets bitchslapped with a 5 count indictment. One count of obstruction, 2 counts of false statements, and 2 counts perjury. The indictment looks solid and Libby is going to be hard pressed to resist accomodating the prosecutor in some way. He may force a trial and risk doing 30 at Leavenworth. If he forces these people to go all the way, I suspect he will not be sipping herbal tea at Club Fed. He will be making a shank out of his own femur in hard time lockup. He might do it and hope for a pardon or simply lean into the strike zone for the movement. These guys really are that whacked.

This isn't over. More deep hurting from Fitzilla will be delivered in coming weeks to deserving scumbags. What a fine, fine, sunny day.

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