Monday, October 03, 2005

October Surprise?

I have been going over much of the coverage from the MSM as well as in the various alternate realities of the Blogiverse about the nomination of Harriet Miers to fill Sandra Day O'Connor's size 15 fetish pumps on the Supreme Court.

And while some in and around blogovia have been thinking that this is all a plot on the part of the Rovians to put up as straw man who will get batted out of the park, somehow making way for a real extremist like a Janice Rogers Brown, I just don't know.

I think, myself, that this really is the nomination that administration wants, and is now openly displaying contempt even for their own base. Read through Free Republic, or Southern Appeal, or Junk Yard Blog...

These people are gripping and gripping hard... they are (literally) losing their collective religion over this.

Quite frankly, I am enjoying their discomfiture to an unseemly extent.

Anyway, the point is, that the Bush Administration feels no need to bring someone to the Senate with the proper ideology. In fact, the Bush administration prefers their nominees to be certified ideology free. The only ideology a Bush judge needs is supplied to them by the Rovians and only when they have need of it.

That is why Roberts had problems answering ideological questions and why Miers will have similar problems. They're not hiding their ideology... they have no ideology, other than getting over and serving their master.

Other than that, a high functioning brain and moral compass just isn't that necessary for a Bush judicial nominee. The only character trait a Bush nominee needs to bring the table is an unwavering desire and fuctionally demonstrated ability to do the President's bidding when ordered, no questions asked.

That's what Miers brings to the table. She is nothing more than another sycophantic hand puppet.

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