Monday, October 31, 2005

Tactical Nuclear Syntax

The Rude Pundit arises and roars mightily on the subject of Bush administration appointments and judicial nominees.

As Atrios noted, His Rudeness is bringing to our attention that Samuel Alito wants employers to be able to fire people solely for contracting HIV, because he thinks it's appropriate to recognize their right to take steps in reaction to their fear of contagion— whether that fear is reasonable or not.

However, I wanted to bring this post to your attention because of its final paragraph. It is an exercise in rudeness that turned even my stomach. I will not quote it. It is probably the most "not safe for work" thing I have seen written in English all year. Don't skip ahead to the last paragraph. Read the whole article.

He's righteously pissed-off, and his rage burns like the radiance of a hundred thousand class O stars. I can't condemn him for deploying tactical nuclear syntax.

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