Monday, November 14, 2005

60 Minutes Shilling for DHS

Last night, the CBS flagship news magazine 60 Minutes aired a hideous piece of pro-administration propaganda, trotting out a couple of violent a-holes in a piece on so-called "Eco-Terrorism," and making sure that everyone knows that they are the "Number one domestic terror threat in the United States."

Not neo-Nazis, the Klan or anti-abortion extremists... no, the Earth Liberation Front and their swirly-eyed co-conspirators at the Animal Liberation Front...

And at no point, did the report even attempt to draw a distinction between out-of-touch violent sociopaths with delusions of political grandeur and the legitimate political movement in this country to change environmental policy and preserve environmental quality.

Please contact CBS' 60 Minutes and express displeasure with their capitulation to the Bush Administration.

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