Wednesday, November 30, 2005

The People! United! Will Never Be Defeated!

Okay, this is kinda weird...

(Via our new favorite toy, TheRobb.)

The Nashville Municipal Auditorium doesn't appear to be publicizing this as an event open to the public. So, gee— thanks Robb, but I'm not exactly sure why I should be marking my calendar. How far are we expecting this revolution to go? I mean, is it expected to be confined withing the auditorium, or can I expect it to spread? Is there anything in particular I should bring? Ammunition, maybe?

Update 1.0: I changed the link now that I've found the original source of the poster. And yeah— it's what it looks like. The Tennessee Baptist Convention is hosting another event for the Youth Evangelism Conference (beware that link if you don't have much patience for xtian fascists— it's a d10/d6 sanity check).

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