Saturday, November 05, 2005

Bush Lied, And Your Sons And Daughters Died.

We told you. (It's not in the archives, apparently, but we did tell you in one of the radio programs.)

Remember the certification that George W. Bush was required to send to Congress before launching the invasion of Iraq? We were pretty sure at the time that it contained a bald-faced lie. We couldn't prove it, mind you— but we told you to pay attention. Sooner or later, we said, that certification would likely bounce back and bite the Neocon cabal in their collective ass.

Now comes The Left Coaster with this excellent report to show that the President has a real problem on his hands. Apparently, Senator Carl Levin has got hold of a recently declassified document that catches C+ Augustus in the Big Lie for which no one yet dares call him out in public.

From The Left Coaster:

This latest revelation means that at the time Bush justified the commencement of war against Iraq consistent with what was required under Public Law 107-243, he certified things not in evidence, and made claims to Congress (Saddam’s active operation of a WMD program and Saddam’s assistance to Al Qaeda) that he, Cheney, and Rummy already knew were false.

He lied to Congress to start the war. And now 53% of the American public says that if it is clear that Bush lied, they would support Congress considering impeachment proceedings against the president.


We told you the certification was a lie. Now, we know the President lied. We told you.

Now can we please, finally, for once, talk seriously about possible articles of impeachment?

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