Wednesday, November 09, 2005

"That's No Moon" —Obi-wan Kenobi, A New Hope

Update on the French rioting... apparently, the editorial board at Le Monde is having the same bad feeling as me.
...Si le pays veut éviter le renouvellement de la catastrophe électorale de 2002, où Jean-Marie Le Pen avait été présent au second tour, il serait temps que ceux qui aspirent à le diriger oublient la politique-spectacle pour réfléchir sans complaisance aux banlieues et à la reconstruction d'une partie de la société française qui les attend.

(Almost unbearably bad machine translation is here.)
If the country wants to avoid the renewal of the electoral catastrophe of 2002, where Jean-Marie the PEN had been present at the second turn, it would be time that those which aspire to direct it forget the policy-spectacle to reflect without kindness on the suburbs and the rebuilding of part of the French company which awaits them.

Yeah. Why do I have this nagging feeling that somebody with a political agenda might be deliberately trying to escalate the violence in France to provide exactly the subtext here that Le Monde is warning about? After all, I'm sure it isn't hard to find people here in America as well as in Europe who would regard a Le Pen victory in the next election cycle as quite the opposite of a catastrophe.

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