Sunday, November 27, 2005


I hate to say it but WE FUCKING TOLD YOU SO!

Tip of the hat to Bare Knuckle Politics for putting up the video of these hideous redneckistanis allegedly from Aegis Specialist Risk Managment, which on its website claims to oversee more than 20,000 mercenaries working in in the exciting and growing field of private security in Iraq.

Oh my freeking God, this makes me pig-biting mad, and for no less a reason than that I, Sean and in particular the dread Dr. Strychnine have been raging about this for years and been told we were nothing more than slack-jawed conspiracy minded America hating pansies who want nothing less than total defeat for our valiant fighting men and women in Asia.

All the while, Bubba and the rest of the gang decide to grab a 12-pack of cheap foul smelling beer, grab a camcorder, some old Elvis 8-tracks, and go grease some random hajis for shits 'n giggles on a Saturday afternoon after church.

mojo sends

Update 1.0: And this is how the asshats are responding to this latest outrage. Pretending that a thrill-kill trophy video somehow represents documentation of a valid military operation. And the Elvis? Who knows...

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