Sunday, November 13, 2005

Sometimes, You Feel Like A Nut

I occasionally post comments at a religious blog called Stones Cry Out. Don't ask me why— I can't quite figure it out myself.

Recently, one of their editors produced this lovely gem of wisdom, which I will reproduce in its entirety below so you don't have to click through the link and feed them additional advertising revenue.
Derb On Torture

This pretty much sums up my thoughts. Liberal readers, fire away.

We here at MojoWire relish invitations like that.

Even better, Derbyshire's pet homunculus followed up this noxious little dropping with a comment of his own. Here it is for your convenience:

I condemn that sort of thing that happened at Abu Ghraib. The other stuff...I think our laws should allow some leeway when interrogating high-ranking terrorists who are likely to have knowledge of terror plots.

At that point, I snapped and fired off a heated rejoinder. You can see what I wrote in the comments. As of this posting, I haven't seen a response.

So, I taunted him a second time. Here's a reprint.

I didn't think you'd have any words of condemnation for holding family members as hostages, or beating prisoners to death, or smothering them to death with sleeping bags, or drowning them within an inch of their life, of solitary confinement for several months at a stretch, or any of that other stuff that Americans have done and continue to do.

The good news is that we only have the word of highly unreliable and self-interested, corrupt officials that the dead and tortured victims of this policy were actually "high-ranking" terrorists and enemy fighters. Sure, the Supreme Court insisted that the administrati recognize the habeus corpus rights of the remaining detainees who haven't yet been tortured to death— but, the GOP Chamber of People's Deputies is getting ready to "overrule" their interpretation of the U.S. Constitution. This is, of course, good news for you because it provides you with a transparently thin veneer of cover for your anti-Christian bloodlust, which allows you to argue that you only support officially sanctioned torture and murder of the Enemies to the State when they can't prove their innocence.

Don't look now, Matt. That might be Moloch you're worshipping, not Christ.

And these people call us a fifth column.

Update 1.0: Fixed the link to the comment thread.

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