Tuesday, November 08, 2005

"I Have A Bad Feeling About This..." —Leia Organa, Empire Strikes Back

It's what? Thirteen days of rioting in France, and only now are the curfews going into effect? [Original French edition here.]

I'm starting to get the nagging worry that maybe there's more to this story than we're ever likely to see in the media coverage. My concern is about the inevitable reaction to this violence at the polls. I'll bet Jean-Marie Le Pen is laughing until he wets his pants. The socialists are so going to blow this one.
Le Parti socialiste s'est inquiété lundi du respect des «principes de liberté» alors que le président du groupe socialiste à l'Assemblée nationale Jean-Marc Ayrault a jugé mardi qu'il serait «indécent» d'en faire une «opération politicienne» et que «l'heure des bilans viendrait».

It would be "indecent" to make a "political operation" out of these events. My god. Could you people be any more dumb? We are so doomed. If France goes blue, then the EU will be torn apart. Just what everyone needs. (AAIEIEE!)

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