Monday, August 22, 2005

The Army Field Manual Hates America

From the New Republic via Laura Rozen, Spencer Akerman in the New Republic addresses the drumbeat from the NeoCon Right that using Law enforcement methods in any way is futile and, well, limp wristed sissy talk. What I found fascinating in Laura's excerpt was this gem near the bottom:

Indeed, the real danger--to the war on terrorism, American values, and the rule of law--is unchecked executive authority. There would be nothing wrong with keeping detainees at Camp Delta and elsewhere if they were provided legal protection and their interrogations were restricted to the Geneva Conventions-compliant Army Field Manual on interrogations. Nor would there be any harm to national security. Senator Graham, a former Air Force JAG, stated two weeks ago that, when he recently visited Guantánamo, he asked "all the interrogators there: Is there anything lacking in the Army Field Manual that would inhibit your ability to get good intelligence? And they said no. I asked: Could you live with the Army Field Manual as your guide and do your job? They said yes." Whether the Bush administration can live within those rules is another matter.

Now, lets consider that famous Quote from Willam on the Factor when he claimed"

"Clearly, more pictures of Abu Ghraib help the terrorists, as do Geneva Convention protections and civilian lawyers. So there is no question the ACLU and the judges who side with them are terror allies.

The degree to which these people will bend themselves into pretzels to try to stick to the party line is astonishing. By Williams logic, not only is the ACLU a "terror ally" for attempting to hold the Pentagon accountable, but the Army field manual and the terrorists that wrote it apparently are on the bus.

This is truly an amazing feat of agitprop that is being attempted here. Instead of accepting that the Administrations abandonment of 50 years of legal and moral reasoning on the treatment of prisonors and use of torture was wrong, O'Reilly and the rest of these moral reprobates simply declare torture justified. Simply tilt the board when the rules are inconvenient. Outstanding!

Oh Army Field Manual! Stop hating America..pretty please?!!

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