Friday, August 12, 2005

Rohrabacher Caught up with Abrahoff?

Interesting note on the Abramoff scandal in the Washington Post story this morning, it noted towards the end that one of my favorite Republican sociopaths in Congress, Dana Rohrabacher, either co-signed or was some sort of reference on the Abrahamoff boat loan.

Now for reasons that many of you know, I have a speical place in my heart of Dana. My question is just how far does Dippy Dana's involvement with Abramoff go?

Could this scandal actually expand to encomass Rohrabacher? Could this be the final bit that makes the Orange County GOP just finally cut him loose?

Will any local media pick up on this story?

mojo sends

Update 1.0: s9 informs us that apparently Dana was merely a personal reference for Abramoff's loan. You know, while it's supposed to be a character witness kind of thing, it's really that list of people the loan officer wants so he knows where to send the collectors to look for you once you skip town on your note.

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