Thursday, August 04, 2005


I have finally managed to get myself banned from posting in the comments at Wizbang!, one of the few right-wing blogs that even allows comments, and one of the fewer still whose editors claim (loudly and vociferously) that they do not ban comments from people simply for posting negative criticism of the editorial content.

What was the stated reason for my banishment? Well, there really wasn't one, but it's not hard to interpret the reason as this: I was "an annoying troll."

So. Having satisfied myself that the pinheads at Wizbang! can't take it as well as they dish it out, I'd like to know if there are any other right-wing bloggers prancing around as if they can resist the urge to police their comments forum and purge the sources of their negative criticism?

I fear I may have developed a taste for this kind of dirty work.

Update The Elder: Paul, one of the editors, has responded to my call for an explanation for why I was banned: "I banned you because you were stupid. Close enough?" I think that amounts to a capitulation, don't you? Let the matter be resolved then: Wifflebang! is run by a clique of mewling pussies who don't have the game to back up their smack, and they should be accorded maximum disrespect. Fscking chickenhawk keyboard commandos and too-precious prancing dandy-boys, all of them. And most of their fawning sycophant regular commenters too. Absolutely positively certain to be the first up against the wall when the counter-revolution comes.

Update The Younger: What's more, I see they have actively deleted some of the other comments I made in later threads before I was banned. In one of the deleted comments, I simply and politely asked what evidence they possessed that showed how Electronic Intifada is not really the pro-Palestinian news and opinion magazine it appears to be, but rather is actually a cut-out for a terrorist organization. (Hey, I'm willing to consider the evidence if they can show it. But they have only a goose-egg, the gits.) Those preening pansies at Whifflebang! really don't seem to like me! I'm crushed. Crushed, I say. Penelope, please bring me my glass of madeira— I fear the strain is making me woozy.

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