Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Mulitcultural Oppression...mmmmmmm

So I was swimming the education end of the Blog pool, when I linked my way toUkiah's own Coach Browns teacher blog recounting the abuse that was heaped on him during a month long seminar on Multiculturalism to get his CLAD certification. According to him he was abused with ephithets like racist, etc for answering the question regarding multiculturism: . What are the implications for today's immigrants? His answers sufficiently peeved me that I'm going to subject you to a few of them, and my take on them. Such as:
Thoughts about immigrants changed with 9/11. With the southern boarder of the United States so porous, terrorist access to U.S. soil is as simple flyingtoMexico City, driving to the border, and walking across. Fair or not, laws that demand more from immigrants will continue to be passed in the near future as the current influx of immigrants poses a threat to national security. With laws like the Real ID Act (driver's license only to citizens), immigrants will have more difficulty successfully assimilating into society. Other laws in states have also began to press immigrants even further. Arizona, California, and New Mexico have created laws that punish companies that hire illegal immigrants, although Arizona is the only state that is actively enforcing the law.

I have a question. If terrorist access is as simple as flying into Mexico City, then driving to the border and walking across, then why didn't the 9/11 conspirators simply do that? Answer: They could not have functioned without the Visa's and other documentation that comes from legal access. Terror operations as practiced by Al Queda would be operationally difficult, even close to impossible to manage trying to access the United States in that manner. They had to board aircraft, rent cars and apartments, contact other cell members, access money and dozens of other tasks that required some form of entry documentation. The fundamental premise that terrorists are streaming across the border hidden within the hordes of Central American illegal immigrants does not have a stich of proof to back it up. The chance of getting caught is too high, and their ability to operate would be limited. Our current issue at the border is not a national security issue in this sense.

As national and local security become more and more of an issue, racial profiling will become prevalent. In my opinion, it is only logical until the respective communities decide to take it upon themselves to start solving problems. Nationally, the Muslim community (particularly Arab or Persian) has not been as valiant as it needs to be to stop Islamic extremism. The U.S. government responds by taking it upon themselves to racially profile Arab or Persian people. The question is whether the concept of profiling is worth the security it can provide. My answer would be yes. The same goes for local government policies towards gangs. The Latino community has a horrible problem with gangs that has now spread over the border into the United States. In Mexico and Guatemala, these gangs run rampant. In the United States, evidence of gang
activity have multiplied over the last 8 years. Until the Latino community clamps down on the gang activity, local police
departments (and high school administrations) are more adept to profile Latino males that dress or act in a certain fashion. Again the question is asked; is this profiling worth the safety and security of towns or school campuses. Again, my answer is yes. Tom Friedman said it best, "If we lived in a perfect world, profiling wouldn't exist. I can't think of anyone who likes profiling. But if Muslim nations don't start policing themselves, deciding to act against the element that is killing innocent people, then what choice do we have?"

This is really where he gets going. First off, the people attempting to teach this guy multiculturalism should fail him immediately. The Arab/Persian community has not been valiant enough in trying to stop Islamic Extremism? First off, the "Persian Community", which is to say the Iranian Expats here in Los Angeles, are diehard opponents of the current regime in Iran. They have been tireless in their efforts to support regime change. If you were paying closer attention in your seminar, instead of baiting the other particpants, you might have learned that the "Persian Community" is chock full of refugees from the fall of the Shah's regime. They hate the Theocrats with the burning hatred of a thousand suns.

What constitutes sufficient "Valor" on the part of the Arab community, or the Muslim Community in general? The American ones have almost to a man condemned the 9/11 attacks and Usama Bin Laden. What the fsck are they supposed to do that, say, the College Republicans are doing so valiantly? The answer is nothing. And there is a big difference, Coach, between the American Muslim Immigrant Communities and foreign nation states. Ask your multicultural classmates to help you understand the difference. Developing a more effective checkpoint security process at airports is what Friedman was arguing for, not pulling over every Middle Eastern looking driver and slamming him on the hood of their car. By the way, Coach, TSA does profile. It's as pointless as many of their other showboat methods.

And the Latino community is responsble for gangs? What the Fuck? It's your fault Pedro, stop gangbanging...there you go! All Better!

I hate to break the news to Coach Brown from Ukiah, but he knows jackshit about Los Angeles street gangs. The Latino, and African American communities, thanks for asking about them by the way, are victims, not the cause. And bad news asshole, the rampant gangs of Guatamala and Mexico City are American exports. It was Americanized gangbangers who transformed youth gangs in those countries into the American model. Many of them were native born Americans who fled this country for fear of being incarcerated, and started local chapters. And what makes you think that LAPD does not profile? They, and virtually every other law enforcement agency in California, maintains a gang database, chock full of names, pictures and fingerprints. Sounds like profling to me. What people opposed to "profiling" are juiced up about is profiling based on the kind of worthless and simplistic standards that rely soley on skin color or dress. Pulling every "Latino" in Orange County looking for Osama Bin Laden in the trunk would be a full time job, and would target the millions of law abiding citizens who meet your pointless criteria. And it's a waste of time. Profiling is a methodology with a bad history and mixed success record.

I could go on, but you have suffered enough. Suffice to say that Coach Browns abuse at the hands of his classmates is well deserved. Keep up the good work, folks.

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