Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Hackett Lost; Time to Get Up Off the Mat!

An open statement to all my brothers and sisters out there in outer Blogovia representing for the Progressive Cause...

I like Paul Hackett, I like everything about him and I look forward to seeing him back in 2006 to break a big blue boot off in Schmidt's scrawny ass...

But I am so past-tired of taking delight in "moral victories" for the Democratic Party. This was not a win. If this was a win, then we'd have the Ohio 2nd in the blue column.

Do we? No?

Then we lost. Quit congratulating yourselves for a fight we didn't win. Yeah it was close, and that's a good thing. Time to get up off the mat and get ready to fight even harder next time.

Take that vacuous cow's words along with the transcript from everyone's favorite fatass drug addict mouth-breathing scumbags and post that shit up on the locker room wall. Look at it everytime you think you don't have the energy to go to that next meeting or make just one more phone call.

Look at it: "Hackett's just another liberal hiding behind the uniform" and let the bile rise... then suit up, get out there and kick some ass!

mojo sends

P.S. Hey Rush, I’d rather be a liberal “hiding” in uniform, then being a dirtbag coward trying to hide my Oxycontin-stoned, 12-double-burgers-a-day, lard-encrusted corpulence stuffed under my bed crying like a sissy when the call came to serve my country you low-life social retard!

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