Thursday, August 25, 2005

Some Cheese With Your Whine?

How is it the wingnuts can still be crying like bitches after all this time? I mean, they run the shop, don't they?

Don't They?

This intercept from The Junkyard Blog:

President Bush, who is ten times the man of Clinton with a hundred times the courage, has done some big, noble, courageous things on our behalf. We bloggers have tried to maintain support for him but most Americans still don’t read blogs.

Suffering Jeebus… would you like some cheese with your whine?

You asshats own all three branches of government, and now your crying like sissies because none of it works like you thought it would?

What needs to be done? Well, the administration needs some big gun surrogates. It needs its aggressive spokesmen who, like Carville and Begala and their comrades, stick to a small set of talking points and hammer them 24/7 on the airwaves. These big guns must be already famous conservatives who can articulate the cause with passion and conviction, not a gaggle of bloggers and hangers on no one’s ever heard of. Bloggers aren’t enough.

Holy Cats! The Wingnuts have their own 24 hour a day propaganda network that is the highest rated of the three propaganda networks, there are your news papers, there is the never ending clamor of AM hate radio… And you losers still feel like your message isn’t getting out…

How badly must it suck to be you…

CNS News reporting the Code Pink attacks on Walter Reed aren’t enough. We need bigger guns in this battle, or we’ll lose.

Yeah… I saw the video… three aging hippies standing across the street with some signs. I’m surprised the Maryland National Guard wasn’t activated to meet this threat.

Really, what does it say to you that you have all this going for you, and yet the public doesn’t seem to be buying it from your perspective. Look around, there isn’t a shortage of microphones, and the Wingnuts have the biggest microphone in the world at their disposal… what ails you guys?

Either a. Your team sucks, or b. you agree with the president that a “dictatorship would really be much easier.”

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