Thursday, August 11, 2005

Orcs Terrified Of The Nazgul

Over at The American Street, Lance Mannion invokes one of our favorite memes here at The MojoWire: analogies between conservatarian ideologues and the minions of Sauron in The Lord of the Rings. (Note: he cross-posted this at his own place.)

Let me quote discretely from his excellent take:
They think like the squabbling orcs in The Two Towers who start a conversation cursing the elf warrior they've imagined has left the paralyzed Frodo to be eaten by Shelob— regular elvish trick— and finish it laughing about the time they left a paralyzed comrade to be eaten by Shelob.
"D'you remember old Ufthak? We lost him for days. Then we found him in a corner; hanging up he was, but he was wide awake and glaring. How we laughed! She'd forgotten him, maybe, but we didn't touch him— no good interfering with Her...

Orc-like they hate in their enemies what they love in themselves. Or, in other words, what they hate most is catching sight of themselves in mirrors of their own devising that they have fumblingly held up to their own faces.

The orcs are at it with Cindy Sheehan, hating her for making them confront the reflections of their own chickenhawkery and political hackishness.

She's using her son's death for political ends! Regular elvish trick! How dare anybody use something like a war to advance their own political cause!

I think it's safe to say that Lance has joined the ranks of the Order of the Shrill.

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