Thursday, December 29, 2005

Another Bullet Dodged

In addition to not falling for the hoaxed reports of Fatherland Security goons visiting college students about their habits of reading Mao in the original Chinese, it appears we here at The MojoWire have another reason to give ourselves props for keeping out of a pundit frenzy.

It seems our private suspicions about Micheal Scheuer, the former CIA agent and anonymous author of Imperial Hubris, may yet turn out to have been warranted. Over at Sisyphus Shrugged, there is quite an interesting collection of quotes from the man. It concludes with speculation that maybe the guy is a little unhinged.

We refuse to speculate, but as Bellatrys wisely remarks in the comments there: "It always surprised me that so many people thought Anonymous Mike was a good guy, just because he criticized Bushco a bit for their obvious clusterfuckery."

Yeah. What she said.

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