Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Nice Job, W, Iran Wins Iraq Election...

We get the following from Voice of America about the official results of the Iraqi Election...

The Iraqi Electoral Commission on Tuesday released more preliminary voting results from the country's December 15 election for a new National Assembly. The largest Shi'ite coalition appears to have kept most of its seats in Iraq's 275-member Assembly.

The Iraqi election chief, Adil Al Lami, says 90 percent of the votes have been counted. Although the official tally will not be certified until early January, the preliminary results show that the United Iraqi Alliance will hold the largest number of seats in the country's new four-year, fulltime National Assembly.

The United Iraqi Alliance currently holds a narrow majority in the National Assembly. It also has most of the positions in the powerful ministry of the interior. The prime minister, Ibrahim al-Jaafari, is also a member.

The Alliance is a conservative grouping of Islamist parties with ties to Iran. Sunnis accuse the current government of allowing Shi'ite militiamen, thinly veiled as police and interior ministry forces, of harassing, detaining and killing them.

The issue here is of course that in spite of intense Sunni turnout at the polls, we had reports on the eve of the election of Iranian ballot tampering. Of course, all the asshats didn't seem to be worried about that, in spite of being given pretty good reason to.

So in spite of all their chest thumping faux patriotic flag waving on the march of freedom, when the Iraqi people get an election stolen right out from under them by the Axis of Evil they are no where to be seen. Typical, they would rather see a crooked election that will screw up their long run plans than have to admit that there was something wrong in the first place.

The ultimate triumph of style over substance.

Although I certainly wouldn't put it past certain elements to be willingly looking the other way... now, why would they do something like that?

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Update 1.0: Apparently, we here are not the only ones who noticed that something was wrong with the Iraqi election. And now, the dissaffected parties, including secular Shi'a political groups, are calling for a boycott of the new government if these charges are not investigated seriously.

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