Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Election Rigging in Iraq...

This whole parliamentary election in Iraq has really become a carnival of dark comedy.

The most recent news is that border guards in the south west part of Iraq intercepted a tanker truck coming across the frontier from Iran, stuffed to the gills with forged ballots. See New York Times story here.

Of course, the source from the Interior Ministry spoke on conditions of anonymity, given that he was not an "authorized" spokesperson. However, he also said the this tanker truck was only one of a fleet of them that had apparently crossed in the last couple of days with freshly printed ballots from Iran.

Interior Minister Bayon Jabor of course denies the report, saying this was just some malcontent attempting to question the legitimacy of the election.

And yes, this is the same Minister Jabor who is a member of the Iranian-government, Shi'a-backed Supreme Council for Islamic Revolution in Iraq. Yeah, the guy who told the Saudi foreign minister after hearing criticisim of an Iraqi constitution leaning too much towards Iran: "[...]Some Bedouin riding a camel wants to teach us!"

The guy in charge of the "anti-terror" hit squads and the detention centers where American troops have been rescuing tortured Sunnis.

Yeah, why would this guy lie about Iranian printed forged ballots crossing the border...

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