Friday, December 16, 2005

A Reminder About Our Policy On Tactical Syntax

Here is our policy on the use of the "Delete Comment" and "Ban This IP Address" features for comment moderation.

We love a good rumble. We don't kick comments just because they disagree with us. We don't kick comments just because they're rude, crude or obnoxious. We don't kick comments for using "profanity" or other forms of harsh language. The comments forum at MojoWire is not child-safe.

Also, we don't kick off-topic flames. We don't ban people for trolling— even for engaging in trolling competitions. Hell, we do that ourselves from time to time. Suit up, and remember to bring enough to share. If you can keep treading water at Eschaton, then you can probably manage to stay afloat here.

Q: What will get my comment deleted from the forum here? Simple. If, in the entirely subjective [and probably drunken or drug-addled] judgment of any single member of the MojoWire Editorial Board, you post something one of us thinks is egregiously commercial spam, or something explicitly intended to send a terrorizing message [i.e., overtly threatening of violence, and loaded with racist, sexist, or homophobic content], or otherwise get us into trouble with the Ministry of Fatherland Security unless we take the time to delete it, then the comment will get deleted. No explanation. No notification. (Though, we reserve the privilege of cracking back about it, should our bile rise sufficiently.)

Q: What will get my IP address banned? Simple. If we get tired of deleting your comments manually on a case by case basis, then we'll start banning your IP addresses until you run out of them.

Q: What will happen if I have too many IP addresses for y'all to ban? Consider the immortal words of Socrates, from the classic dialogue by Nathaniel Kerr, in which the great philosopher said, "Justice is only the will of the stronger. What do you think about that, asshole?"

We may be hippie cranks, but we don't back down from threats designed to shut us up.

Update 1.0: Updated to clarify what "terrorizing" means in our minds.

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