Sunday, December 04, 2005

Attention, Ignorant Jethroes!

This article and its attendant comment thread at the excellent Making Light contain several important lessons in how not to reveal— to everyone and their posterity, for all time— that you are a benighted lummox.

Sayeth Patrick Nielsen Hayden:
An exchange in the comments section of Don’t Bomb Us: A Blog by Al Jazeera Staffers:
Anonymous: Though you broadcast these screeds in detail because it is “news” that you have a “duty” to report, when I search the Al Jazeera site for the phrase “honor killings” I get nada. Not a single hit. Don’t you think that the murder of women throughout the Islamic world by their uncles and fathers and husbands because these women have the audacity to date who they want or express what they think is newsworthy?

Mohammed [of Don’t Bomb Us]: You make mention that our website does not mention “Honor Killings”—that is true since we don’t use American English—we use English English. Try your search using “honour” instead—or just click here for Google results.

You see, sometimes little cultural misunderstands can cause such a big fuss.

Let’s keep talking. Enjoy the weekend…!
Take the hints, Jethroes... there's plenty for everyone.

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