Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Maybe you should up the voltage?

Just go here. (Props to alicublog for the link)
Finished? That's right, Clinton is responsible for an increase in Blow Jobs..


How much of a freakin nutjob do you have to be to make this argument? Actually cook it up, submit to an editor and expect it to be published. Some innoncuous story about Bill Clintons new diet sends dimtwitted cranks into some kind of lather, running around the common room of the mental institution they post from screaming about blowjobs and Bill Clinton and the increase in mouth sores and other insane jabberings. Are you people determined to get Hilary Clinton elected to the White House? Look, she's not my candidate, but do not for a minute believe I won't laugh my ass off if she does ascend to the White House and sends these cranks into some kind of hysteria of clawing their own eyes out. And remember Red State, your fearless representives in Congress are determined to make the expansion of the powers of the Executive branch in the Patriot Act permanent. What do you think the odds are she won't avail herself of it to payback some of you people? It will suck to be you RedState. Nothing says Happy Holidays than a national security letter being issued and FBI agents whisking the talking heads of Fox News off to the CIA's new vacation resorts in Eastern Europe. I'm not remotely kidding Red State. The Clintons cut their poltical teeth in Arkansas, a state not exactly reknowned for Political forgiveness.

Cranking like this is only going to make you people look even more freakin crazy than you actually are, a level of insanity so intense, Lovecraftian horrors will avoid catching your eyes on the Subway. The Clintons are counting on this. In fact, they are going to start pushing your buttons soon. And like a three old who cannot help themselves, the Freak right wing media will get their Clinton on something fierce, and Hilary will secure the Democratic nomination and roll over the Republican nominee on the "Jesus these people are freakin crazy" platform. Yes, even if Condi Rice runs, you morons.

So keep it up RedState. Don't listen to us, just go ahead and write your blowjob screeds and your Mena Arkansas coke smuggling ring takes....You've been warned.

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