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This is from an ongoing "conversation" I am having with the cadre over at Junk Yard Blog. We have been talking about Iraq and the various specious arguments and mendacity that lead us there. Let's pick things up midstream...

First: Nice take, but contemplate using the [return] key once in a while. It makes it easier to read.

Next: "We went to Iwo Jima as part of a grand strategy to defeat fascism abroad." This seems to be the main thread of your equivalence argument. However, this is not what I was addressing when responding to B’s idiotic words above.

But since you so bravely volunteered to carry water for him, then fine. (And I will have a longer take on this on my blog, not that B. Preston, Jimbo, AOG or the others have the stones to roll in there and mix it up…)

You essential pre/post 9-11 world take is well put. My only question is then “who’s next?” Because I have a whole list of countries that should be receiving a visit from my friends down the road at Camp Pendleton, even here in our own back yard so to speak.

But on the subject of threats, then here is an interesting question. What would you say to immediate pre-emptive war against a country that 1. possesses and has used weapons of mass destruction, 2. has committed attrocities both on the battlefield as well as against civilian populations, 3. has made war directly on the United States, and 4. has committed genocide?

Would this country be one of the post 9-11 nations whose mere existence we can not risk?

"Liberals are quick to point out that there “are no links between Al Queda and Iraq”, but fail to admit to even themselves that this conclusion was reached only in the sense that there was no proof of any operational links between the two in any single attack on the US."

Well, yes, we would prefer to make war on those who are actually threatening us. And your laundry list of alleged links between Saddam, is both suspect and could also be equivocated into a list of activities that encompass most of the countries in the region… Or are you saying the Iraq was the only country besides Afghanistan that had Al Qaeda members roaming around in it.

Aswer al Islam is a different story though. As far as getting “poison gas” tech from Iraq. I am dubious of that claim, especially, given that they were equally as hostile to Saddam’s regime as they were to their primary targets, the Kurds, and really had little to do with Iraq as a corporate political entity one way or the other.

"You say Iraq doesn’t rise to the level of comparison in the War on Terror to Iwo Jima. I say it surpasses it, favoring comparably to Germany in WWII. There are greater links between the two we face now."

Well, you can go ahead and say it. I still say it’s a stoopid comparison being used to by an increasingly desparate faction of the right to grasp at some sort of moral imperative for the failed policy of the Iraq conflict and convince an increasingly skepitcal public that the various bits of lies and mendacity that lead us to this point were unimportant and that we should remain in Iraq.

And we haven’t even addressed the issue of what victory looks like, (and we knew what it would look like in WWII) because if you listened to President Chimp’s speech the other day, he as much said that the Iraqis are about ready to take over for themselves.

So why the hell are we still there?

And it is this final question that seems to evade them most of all. I mean, if the idea of WWII is to defeat fascism, and that conflict is more urgent today than then, why aren't actively whacking out regimes all over the world right now? It's not like there is any shortage of violent totalitarian a-holes out there who need beat down.

But this idea is ludicrous. This is not WWII. It's not in the ball park, not in the same league, not even in the same sport. And the more the other side tries to hide the ball on why we're there, the more the moral bankruptcy of their cause becomes apparent. First it was Al Qaeda in Iraq, then it was Saddam's WMDs, then it was spreading democracy, now it's WWII all over again...

Fortuantely, the American public is catching on to the various lies told to get us into Iraq, and the various lies being told to keep us there. If I was still in the service, I would be raging mad at this administration for this. These young men and women deserve better civilian leadership than these clowns.

And the very worst part of all of this is that the crew over at JYB still won't answer my most pressing typical is that?

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