Wednesday, December 21, 2005

I guess there really is a Santa Claus

Federal Indictments are coming to town! From the Post:

Former lobbyist Jack Abramoff, facing trial on fraud charges Jan. 9 in Florida, is negotiating a possible deal with the Justice Department, in which he would agree to plead guilty and cooperate in the wide-ranging political corruption investigation focused on his dealings with members of Congress and executive branch officials, people familiar with the talks said last night.

Abramoff would provide testimony about numerous members of Congress and their staffs if he and the Justice Department reach an agreement, the sources said. Negotiations have been ongoing for several months, people knowledgeable about the discussions said, but pressure is mounting because of the pending trial.

Crikey! This is going to turn into an episode of I, Claudius. They are going be knifing each other in the parking structure of the U.S. Attorneys office to see who gets there earlier to get a better deal. Talk about coal in your stocking.

Who am I really looking forward to being cuffed and sent to man jail? Ralph Reed, that pompus and evil little punk who, along with Grover Norquist, fancies himself quite the tough guy. Memo to you Ralph, you aren't Gordon Liddy. You are a pimped out Alfalfa who is looking at doing serious time. I wonder what Pat Robertson thinks of his little protege now?

How many packs of smokes to you think Ralph is going to be worth in the open bitch market at Leavenworth?

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