Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Carpet-Bombing Our Way Toward Jeffersonian Democracy

Glenn Greenwald writes about the wave of refreshing honesty rolling through East Blogistan in the wake of a truly noxious piece of white supremacist sewage in the online edition of today's Wall Street Journal editorial page.

Update 1.0: Would somebody please explain to me WTF Jeff Goldstein is trying to say about all this?
[...] As I’ve mentioned here on numerous occasions, the first fight we must win is internally and domestically. And it is a fight for the soul of classical liberalism, which is being undercut (in my estimation) by nearly 40 years of a concerted effort by those whose goal is power and control to relativize meaning and deconstruct, through incoherent linguistic assertions that have unfortunately been widely adopted out of self-satisfied feel-goodism (specifically, an ostensible deference to the Other that allows us to convince ourselves we are “tolerant” and “diverse,” when in fact we have created the conditions to turn those ideas into something approximating their exact opposites). [...]
If I didn't know better, I'd say he's attempting to sound cerebral, but it's really hard to say that when he throws around words like "feel-goodism" and uses bizarre phrases like "ostensible deference to the Other" that really make you wonder if he might not be human. Seriously. I'm halfway convinced he's really a very rudely hacked Perl script running Markov processes on text regularly scraped from National Review Online.

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