Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Interesting News Item...

Bell South is hollering out to anyone who will listen this morning: "We didn't give records to the NSA!"

Oddly enough, the company never denies that the NSA has the records. Just that they never agreed to give them to the NSA.


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Update 1.0: Now it appears that Verizon is jumping on this bandwagon also... set up to ruin USAT or deliberately ding the TDM before something worse breaks? Phone companies worrying about consumer rebellion and lying through their teeth, secure the NSA will not gainsay them? Telcos telling the truth and that NSA simply just took the records but the USAT sources just got it wrong? Don't look to the U.S. Senate for any help here... Arlen "Back-And-To-The-Left" Spectre punked... again!

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