Thursday, May 18, 2006

Greenwald with the ball...he shoots, HE SCORES!

Yeah, get over to Glen Greenwald for a look at this piece on the the Haditha Massacre, where it looks like a bunch of kill crazy Marines went on a spree in a couple of houses, gunning down women, children and old men, then later blaming it all on an IED.

It's odd, because the story, thanks in large part to Congressman Jack Murtha's willingness to call attention to it, is starting to find some TDM traction.

One way you can tell the TDM might be taking an active interest in the story, is that the howling you are hearing this morning from right wing blogistan is a back-arching ragegasm about Murtha's "treason." It's a little like inferring a distant planet's presence by looking for the gravitational wobble of it's primary star.

But just take a look at the towering Jesus-based wrath and fury down to Free Salt Lick, and take a look at the comments. These people are gripping with a "mighty and most terrible wind" in the words of the venerable Dr. s9.

They are really worried that the mustard came off the hot dog...

mojo sends

Update 1.0 [s9]: I've been wanting to know what the fsck happened in Haditha for a while now. Apparently, that serves as just one more reason to call me a traitor, a criminal and a terrorist sympathizer. I suppose if I were more patriotic, I would be openly decrying how much I don't want to know what the U.S. Marines have been doing in Iraq.

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