Monday, May 15, 2006

Live Blogging the President at 5 p.m. (pdt)

This afternoon at 5 p.m., the President will be addressing the nation live from the Oval. The only two times he has done this in the past has been to announce military decisions.

It appears this evening will be no different. It is expected the President will be calling for the National Guards of California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas to deploy along our 2000 mile border with Mexico on a "temporary basis."

Is this a big fnord or what?!

My favorite part is that "they won't be there as law enforcement agents, they will just be there to help secure the border." So they won't be enforcing the law or acting as American law enforcement officers (with the general rules that govern their conduct), they will simply be acting as a military force on our border. Good things many of these boys and girls will have had some good training for this in Iraq... Outstanding...

We here at the Mojowire will be live blogging the speech. We will go live at 5 p.m. and get through the President's address. It will personally surprise me if Maximum Leader goes for more than 10 or 15 minutes, and then lets the spinners take over...

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Update 1.0 [s9]: The President's speech begins at 8pm EDT, which is 5pm PDT. The MojoWire editorial staff keeps Pacific Time. (S9 Station, of course, also keeps Pacific Time in low earth orbit. Tho— we would probably call it 17hrs, because we prefer 24-hour time formats.)

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