Thursday, October 05, 2006

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Denny Hastert puts together a last minue persser in his home district at about 1100 pst, CNN reports... the House Ethics Committee holds its own presser about 30 minutes later

Resignation? Maybe (but probably not, this will be about calling the tune)... but we'll see, stay tuned...

Update 1.0: HotLine Blog has some info on the pending presser, to wit:
"In a press conference scheduled for noon CT in Illinois, House Speaker Dennis Hastert plans to accept some measure of responsibility for failing to discover Rep. Mark Foley's misconduct with pages, a House official said this morning. " He is taking responsibility because the buck stops with him," the official said.

Hastert won't resign "because that would be giving into the Democrat party’s best wish," the official said.

He is expected to make several announcements, including one about revisions to the page program.
And while we're on the subject, Tony Snow is getting the snot beat out of him in the gaggle right now. He has a paper cup in fron of him that he is hitting... I'm willing to be it's vodka. Poor guy really looks like he's contemplating suicide.

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