Wednesday, October 04, 2006

...To Keep His Seat Safe, They Keep Saying


The reason the GOP House Leadership didn't expose their chickenhawk Congressman from Florida wasn't because they didn't want to lose his seat to the Democrats. It was to keep the insipid little tool voting in line with leadership expectations.

Think about the night they held the voting open on the Medicare Modernization Act of 2003. Exactly what part of Congressman Foley's anatomy do you think they twisted in order to get him to sell Florida seniors down the fscking river on that one? Foley was a TRMPAC recipient, too— and that right there ought to be enough to explain everything you need to know.

Come on, people! How difficult is it to figure this out?

The man was being blackmailed. That's why they didn't haul him up on ethics charges. He was more valuable as a reliable partisan vote. Jeebus, why do progressives not get this? I mean, I know why the Democrats aren't speaking up, but I don't get why Left Blogovia isn't catching the clue. It's like they're congenitally naïve or something.

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