Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Just Another Day

[Via Pharyngula] comes this horrible iconography:

Apparently, "those who feel that neither they nor their actions matter to God lose their motivation to care for the lives of others or for their own life." And that, dear friends, is why you should believe in Creationism.

If you don't, some evil atheist will shoot you with a gun. Or maybe, you'll shoot yourself. Or molest children and shoot up a school. Who knows? Without the controlling Authority of Joseph Darby's nightmare God of the Rapture telling you how to live your life and what to think, you might turn into a slavering, depraved, subhuman creature— like me.

You wouldn't want to be like me, would you? God would hate you. And make sure you spend all eternity in Hell, enduring unimaginable suffering forever and ever. And it will be a good and righteous thing, too.

Why, if it wasn't for the God of the Rapture, you'd be going on a three-state killing spree right now, wouldn't you?

You'd be raping every little boy you could get your hands on.

You'd be luxuriating in an orgy of violence, waste and destruction— and who would blame you? The rest of society? Don't make me laugh!

We're all just base animals, after all— Domesticated North African Plains Apes, homo sapiens. No different from enterobacter, really. You can see the resemblance if you just squint your eyes hard enough.

So. Embrace Darbyite Christianity today! Or we will tell the atheists where you live.

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