Monday, October 09, 2006

Now, With More Juche!

So, the DPRK has detonated a nuclear explosive device.

p1. This is neither a weapon, nor a weapon system, but it's not good news either.
p2. The reports of the yield suggest the Koreans still have some bugs to work out.
p3. None of this matters, because...

The hawks in the Bush administration have finally got their "Clarifying Moment of 2006" and nothing will stop them from wallowing in it now.

The open question remains: is this enough of an October "surprise" to wash the taste of Congressman Foley's juicy emails and instant messages out of the news cycle? I'm guessing, probably not. There's really not much the Bush administration can do in response to today's announcement that will benefit them politically. Dubya and his neocon clown-car crew went all in on this pot and it turns out the Koreans were holding the better hand. Oops.

Now, the GOP has only one trick left up its sleeve for retaining control of the Congress. Massive electronic vote counting fraud. In Poker terms, they are flat busted and now their only hope is to pay their gambling debts with counterfeit Benjamins. The good news is they probably can't do it without being exposed in the process. The information is that this has never been a problem for them.

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