Monday, October 09, 2006

Play "La Marseillaise"...

Looking at the latest polls showing that the GOP is about to make a very large political crater on election day, I am getting the increasing feeling of living in the "La Marseillaise" bar scene from Casablanca

You know... Karl Rove, Dick Cheney, Rush Limbaugh are all in their Third Reich fetish gear off in a corner slamming pitchers of Coors and singing Die Wacht Am Rhien when someone tells the orchestra "play La Marseillaise" and the orchestra leader looks over at Howard Dean who gives a barely perceptible nod, and with the first strains, 100 million voters stand up and start singing over fascists in the corner...

Of course, when it's done, the Major Hastert shuts down the Cantina, and runs everyone out of the place. But it's too little too late, the resistance has come to Casablanca, all it needed was a singular "unfortunate display" to galvanize it in the hearts and minds of the people there.

Of course Democratic wins will be nullified or otherwise denied, but that's irrelevant, now. The GOP's festulent lies and lust for power can no longer be hidden. Folks have had enough, it might take a while to politically run the pimps, thugs and degenerates out of town, but it will happen.

Anyone know a Free French garrison nearby?

mojo sends

Update: All of us here at The MojoWire sincerely hope that, when we get to that Free French garrison [or Quebec, if needs be], they will overlook our poor grasp of Fran├žais and kindly wait with patience while we learn to speak and write like civilized people. (I fixed the spelling of "La Marseillaise" in the title and the body of this post. —s9)

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