Sunday, October 01, 2006


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Absolute fscking scumbags!

They should just change the name to Grand Ole Pedophiles...

Trying to equate adult consensual sexual conduct to a predatory child abuser... there is no floor for these people.

And the fact that the House GOP leadership knew this was going on, should make them all culpable as accessories to felony conspiracy to commit child sexual abuse...and because it was done across state lines with the internet, it's a federal crime... like that's gonna happen...

This really tears it, there is no place in this country for these people, and I think Brit Hume needs to be on the first airplane out...

Update 1.0: Once again, via The Mighty Billmon we have the definitive take:
"It's becoming increasingly hard to regard these "people" as anything more than cockroaches who for some strange reason have decided to put on suits and ties and go walking around on their hind legs.

We don't need an election. We need the Orkin man. Maybe DeLay could recommend somebody.
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